Hello, world!


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Hello everyone, this is my first ever post on this blog, thanks to HashNode. Let's do some introduction first. My name is Taufik Hidayat. I'm a Junior Full Stack Developer, Free/Libre and Open Source Software Enthusiast, GNU/Linux Nerd, and YouTuber.

I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I was born in Majalengka, 1 April 2xxx (2x years old). I'm a Computer Science Student from Bale Bandung University.

Coding has been my passion and hobby since I was 15 years old, and I have loved computers since I was a kid. Besides coding, I love listening to music. My favorite genres are Pop Punk, Post-hardcore, Metalcore, Nu-metal, and Electronicore. I like playing games too. My favorite genre is First Person Shooter.

Sometimes I watch anime, but I prefer watching western movies and series, especially MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I spend a lot of time on Facebook sharing memes and shitposts, boosting some cool stuff in Mastodon, and doing my side projects on Codeberg.

I'm a Linux Power User (self-proclaimed). My first full switch to GNU/Linux as my daily driver operating system is on May 2022 (7 months before writing this post). Yes, I'm still very new to Linux, but I'm a fast learner. I use an Arch-based distro as my first-ever Linux distro (EndeavourOS).

Currently, I'm using i3wm as my window manager (window manager only), and I prefer minimalist software/CLI/TUI that is written in a fast compiled language (C, C++, Go, Rust) rather than GUI apps especially some Electron-based apps and program that written in a slow interpreted language (Node.js, Python, etc).

Writing a blog post is not really my thing, I prefer recording and making some youtube videos when I have some good idea that I want to share with everyone. But many great developers write blog posts about things that they're interested in. That's what got me interested in starting a blog too.

In the next posts, I will write some posts about my favorite Linux programs, and programming-related stuff. So please stay tuned to this blog ๐Ÿ˜‰